Here are a few words from our customers:

"Hi just wanted to let you know how my pup is doing that I bought from you. She was the last one you sold. I call her Red. My friend calls her Reba,as he thinks that fits her better. She is a super smart dog for just 6 months old. Was heeling good at 4 months but then got scared badly by some cattle. She took some time off and is now back in good form.I am completely satisfied with her,although she does have a mind of her own sometimes. I will keep in touch with you on her progress. Thank you for selling me such a fine dog. Sincerely Allyn Ellinghuysen.  

 "Tess is Awesome! We love her. Michael Nash and Solveig Hanson"

"Bonnie is wonderful. She took to herding the goats right off. Scott and Terry Webb"

 "I love this dog. Nancy Magnusson"

We would like to thank the Tessman's from Warrens Wisconsin whom recently adopted Rockytopp's B.J.They have sent us photos back of her in her new  home where she will be able  to live out the rest of her years.They are very happy with her.

Please call or email us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you. You can also visit our Facebook page Rockytopp Kennels where folks post photos of their puppies and keep us updated.