About Us
We live in Northeast Iowa and have been raising Blue and Red Australian Cattle Dogs since 1993. We have recently purchased AKC registered breeding stock so we can offer registered puppies for sale.These dogs are also registered with A.P.R.I. Our breeding stock has always been out of registered stock but paperwork had never come through so we went shopping and made sure the new dogs had current paperwork.We also raise Quarter Horses and Paints so our dogs are exposed to work. We are members of Northeast Iowa Pet Producers where I am currently serving as  President and Iowa Pet Breeders Association where I am currently serving as a Chapter Director and am in charge of all of their publications.We attend seminars and events to further our knowledge and are supporters of IFED. We are also members of the Calvary Group whom helps us fight for our right to own animals.As well as being State and USDA licensed we are IKAP ( Iowa Kennel Assurance Program) certified.
 Please contact us with questions about any aspect of our business. We’re always happy to hear
 from fellow dog lovers. 


Rockytopp Heelers